We have many exciting events taking place during this year’s Annual Boo Blast at Moulton Elementary!


There will be fun activities for the students on campus, as well as virtual events for the families to participate in. Listed below are some great upcoming events.


·        Classroom Magic Show for students only (pre-recorded for K-5) – October 27

·        Classroom Riddle hunt and prizes for students only – October 28

·        Student Costume Day – October 29

·        Virtual family participation: Pumpkin Carving/Decorating Contest – October 18 - 22  (https://www.makemycontest.com/mptapumpkincontest/)

·        Virtual family participation: Spooky Porch Decor Contest – October 18 – 22  (https://www.makemycontest.com/mptaspookyporch2021/)

·        Virtual family participation: Silent Auction - October 18 - 22  (https://mptabooblast.travelpledgeauctions.com/event/)

·        Virtual family participation: Magic Show – October 28 at 6 pm

(visit https://on.zoom.us/ev/AP5Ay4zUjI28uFZIL1DRHJ3gBeLxU06wBrmDVv7P4OuQaslRiYbY4-54F3z7VCuivcbz7ds?lmt=1633645717000 to purchase tickets)

Moulton's Annual Boo Blast!!!

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Our fantastic Board serves Moulton Elementary by providing more and more for our children. We provide K-3 grade music, field trips and assemblies, talent show, science week and science instruction, spirit wear, yearbook, running club, young author's week, ice cream social, technology and equipment and software, teacher reimbursements and grade level funds, teacher appreciation week and much much more. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are raised each year to fund these additional programs to enrich our children.

PTA Executive Officers & Programs

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Moulton Hawks LOVE their sponsors!!

If you have your own business, or know a business that would be interested in taking advantage of being a Moulton sponsor, click on the link below.

Thank you to our 2020/2021 Sponsors!

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