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Science Fair


Kaleb Rubio     K    Pine     Bouncing Bubbles 
Lucy Douraghi    K    Pine     How many Balloons?
Hunter Vahdat    & Milan Alem     K    Love/Mcginley     The Erosion Effect 
Maribel Riemer  K    Picciano    Raining Fireworks
Xander Skhri     K    Picciano    Ice Melting in Different Conditions
Merrick Hanson & Dean Heller  K    Picciano/Love    Sunscreen Paintings 


First Grade

Adrian Castaños   1    Fischer/Mrs. Healy     Plant Growth! 
Liam Ghodstinat 1    Fischer     Legume Growth! 
Jared Lee & Corinne Lee    1 & 2    Schoonover /Collins    The Falling Leaf Parade 
Mia Ochoa, Olivia Loza & Aria Diaz    1  Schoonover/Fischer     Bubble Fun! 
Donovan Cintas, Poppy Taylor,  & Jack Taylor    1/2    Schoonover/Collins    The Soda Exploder 
Noah Messias & Anthony Alencar     1    Schoonover     Static Shock Machine 
Dev Shah 1    Jones    Which Materials Conduct Electricity? 
Nixon Cope, Scout Dickson & Leo Agrelius Schoonover     1    Jones/Schoonover     Egg Drop

Second Grade

Izzy Ferguson     2    Baek     Creating Rainbows at home
Leyli Eskandanian    2    Baek     Make Bubble Print Pictures 
Sophie Wolf    N    2    Baek     Meteorite Impact Craters 
Padma Nowlin    & Hayden Ball    2    Manuel     Rolly Polly Food Adventure 
Audrina Mohammadi  & Avianna Zinabadi    2    Manuel     Poprocks exploration!
Layanne Chalati & Majd Chalati     TK/2    Andersen/Manuel     Egg Reaction 
Papatya Unsal    2    Manuel     Will it conduct? 
Arman Wakefield & Ava Wakefield  2/3 Manuel/Skupien    Frozen experiment 
Kaiden Rubio    2    Aplin    Hot Shower 
Arthur & Olivia Felix    2    Aplin    Flowers & Liquids 
Miles Kagy     2    Collins     Do Plants Respond to Music 


Third Grade

Carter Barnes     3    Manuel     Tadpole water Test
Elliot Rurtado     3    Dr. Johns     Which cars go fast?
Charlee Crawford  & Tessa Cintas    3    Skupien     Fizzy Up! 
Audrey Hanson & Sadie Heller      3    McGinley/Smith     The sugary drink eggs-periment 
Anthony Tolmachev    3    McGinley/Smith     Color & Heat Absorption 
Hazel Small    3    McGinley/Smith     Jupiter's Galilean Moons
Ally Highsmith     & Asher Highsmith    2/3    Collins/McGinley/Smith     How eye glasses work?
Zoya Yazdanian, Nika Mojaddam & Lyla Vahdat     3/4    Skupien/Neeve/McGinley/Smith     The Elephant Effect!
Elanor Jones     3    McGinley/Smith     Naked Egg.


Forth Grade

Ryan Ketabchi    4    Zeppa     How high a baking soda rocket goes
Maya Ghodstinat, Cyra Jahangir & Zayna Jahangir    4    Zeppa     Upside down water cup air pressure experiment 
Harper Waters     4    Zeppa     Life cycle of a monarch butterfly 
Brianna Ochoa, Roxanna Salgado & Sienna Rivas    4    Zeppa/Neeve     Rethink your drink 
Isabella Castanos     4    Zeppa     Friction is "Mixi'n"!
Ruby Peach Aufhammer & Emily June Creith    4    Zeppa     What melts ice the fastest ? 
Anderson Vu & Caiden Levin    4    Zeppa     Which gum flavor last the longest?
Jack Adams    4    Zeppa     Alka Seltzer Bottle Blast Off! 
Marlee Young & Kennedy VanAmersfort   4    Zeppa     Which Dessert melts the fastest? 
Pietra D'Amico    & Emma Coyle     4    Zeppa     Healthy Plants! 
Norah Sakhri     4    Neeve     What types of flowers attract the highest number of butterflies 
Reed Gerlach     4    Curran    Effects of salinity on Brine Shrimp Eggs 
Andy     4    Curran    Music & Memory 
Cole Gillard     4    Curran    What do sugary drinks do to your teeth
Nadia Rokneddini    4    Curran    Comparison of Cell Structures in different Plants 
Mckinley Costales, Charlotte Kluve & Katherine Hunt      4    Curran    Popcorn Science 
Deniz Dolce     4    Curran    Grow'n in colors! 


5th Grade

Sarina Samani    5    Kimmel     Bouncy Eggs 
Quinn Hackett     & Lauren Hunt        5     Young/Ciolek     What is dirtier than my Hamster?
Luna Romero & Kai Romero -    3/5    Skupien/Young      Grow Grow Grow

Young Engineers

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

Science Fair Timeline Infographic.jpg

What is it?

Our annual Science Fair is a fantastic opportunity for our students to showcase their creativity, critical thinking, and scientific prowess. This event not only celebrates their hard work and dedication but also fosters a spirit of curiosity and exploration that lies at the heart of scientific inquiry.

The Science Fair promises to be an engaging and informative occasion for both students and parents alike. You'll have the chance to witness firsthand the incredible projects our students have been diligently working on, as they explore various scientific concepts and phenomena.

When is it?

The Science Fair will be held on Thursday, April 18th, 2024, from 5:00-7:15pm,  on school campus in Portable #32.   

Who can participate?

All students from  TK  through  to  grade  5th   are  encouraged  to  participate.  This is a  great   opportunity  for  students  to  develop  skills  and  a  love  for learning  in  a  creative,  fun  environment. 

How does it work?

● Students choose a  topic  for  their  project  that  relates  to  science, technology,  engineering,  and/or  math.

● Projects  are  prepared  entirely  at  home. No  class  time  will  be provided.

● A display board  for  the  project  presentation  will  NOT be  provided  for  each student. However, you can purchase these at your local supply store such as Walmart, Staples, or Hobby Lobby or purchase via Amazon.

● Parents are permitted  and  encouraged  to  help  with  the  projects.  The bulk of  the  project  should  be  completed  by  the  student,  but  parents can  provide  practical  assistance  as  necessary.

● The Science Fair welcomes students from TK to 3rd grade in a supportive, noncompetitive environment where each participant's effort is acknowledged. The emphasis lies in the joy of creating a project, taking pride in one's work, and having a great time. Every student will be presented with a participation certificate.

● Students in 4th and 5th grade will have the chance to showcase their projects to our friendly team of "judges" who will offer constructive feedback. This provides students with an opportunity to formally present their work and address any inquiries. All students will be evaluated impartially, with top presentations and projects receiving Gift Certificates and medals. Like their younger counterparts, each student will also receive a participation certificate.

Further information to consider?

● Students  are  welcome  to  complete  a  project  with  another  student, such  as  a  sibling.

● Tables  for  presentation  will  be  provided  by  the  school  in  portable #32.

● Students will  set  up  their  projects  in  portable #32 in the morning and morning prior to the  Science  Fair.  Students  are  responsible  for  transporting  and  setting  up their  projects,  with  help  from  parents/caregivers  as  needed.  Projects need  to  be  brought  home  at  the  end  of  the  Science  Fair. 

● In  the  interest  of  safety,  the  following  are  NOT  permitted:  live  animals, hazardous  chemicals,  live  electrical  wires,  flammable  liquids,  or  open flames.  Please  check  with  the  contact  below  well  in  advance if  you  have  any  questions  about  safety  considerations.


● Please  complete  and  return  the  registration  form  by  March  28th.  

Science Fair Timeline Infographic.jpg
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