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PTA MEMBERSHIP: Includes one $20.00 Moulton PTA Membership.


If you have more than one student, please purchase one membership per student. 


Perks for PTA Members, click below to view the Member Perks:

Member Perks - Summer 2023 




Curious of how our membership dues are distributed?


Of your $20 membership dues, part is kept for Moulton Elementary PTA and part is forwarded on up through channels. 


The amount forwarded up (or passed-through) is $6.00 starting this year.  Of the $6.00:

---- $0.75 goes to CUCPTSA to cover all our expenses, we do not fundraise at all, but do provide mentoring, training, advocacy work, support district wide college fair, our special ed community, and other council costs

----$1.00 goes to 4th District to cover their expenses.  They provide training, advocacy work, across all of Orange County and a tiny sliver of LA County

----$2.00 goes to CAPTA to cover their expenses

----$2.25 goes to National PTA to cover their expenses


At the state and national level, they provide support to units in form of training, advocacy, but also to help keep us all in compliance and within the boundaries of Non-Profit laws and regulations, etc.





PTA Membership

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