Legistration Update - June 2013


Hello Moulton Parents! 


Are you aware that California is the ONLY state that does not give its schools a permanent and defined budget? Ours is constantly being deconstructed and revised, and still ranked 49th in the country in per pupil spending. This is outrageous! What type of future workforce, citizens and business leaders are we creating if we stay on this path? 

A Budget Conference Committee made up of legislators from the Assembly and Senate is conducting a hearing today, June 6th to discuss Governor Brown's state budget and his new school Local Control Funding Formula proposal – voting takes place tomorrow!




We have to get the L.C.F.F. right - and as it stands, it is seriously flawed.  Now is the time to express our concerns and be heard.


PTA has long supported moving to a less complex and more transparent method of financing public schools, one that is equitable, provides additional resources based on student needs, helps address the achievement gap, and empowers those closer to our schools with greater decision-making authority. The current funding proposals take some positive steps toward achieving these goals - butmore must be done. 

You can help make a difference regarding how our kids are educated - it's easy, free and takes about 60 seconds. Please take action today! Make ONE call and collectively we can influence how are schools will be funded and how are kids will be educated.




CALL:  Governor Jerry Brown: (916) 445-2841


"Hello, my name is___________. I'm a parent of a give grade(s) and a member of Moulton Elementary PTA, in Orange County, zip code 92677.”

"I have a message for Governor Brown regarding the new School Funding Formula.  I urge the Governor to consider the key issues raised by our State PTA, which include: 

1)  Adequate funding for all students


2)  Access to a full curriculum


3)  Meaningful parent engagement, transparency and clear accountability &


4) Investment in early childhood education 

Thank you, I hope my message will be passed on and truly taken into consideration."


You may leave a message if no one answers.  Thanks for your support!


For more on the issues, a brief description is below:  

Adequate funding — the base grant level proposed in May is too low.
There must be a concrete plan for how California will increase and sustain funding over time to ALL students, not just kids with high needs or students in urban districts. 

Access to a full curriculum — every school district must ensure that all students have access to a full curriculum that includes arts, science, P.E., civics, and more. 

Meaningful parent engagement, transparency and clear accountability -additional funding for high needs students must be used to serve those students specifically and can't just go into a big pot to be used as a district chooses. 

Time for implementation — we need a measured approach to allow districts time to develop their student plans and to engage their local communities. 

Invest in early childhood education - we can't leave this population out.