Art Education

Moulton PTA will continue providing Art Education to our students through partnership with Art Masters program. Last year it was a success, so this school year 2020-2021,  Moulton students will continue participating in the informative Lectures and exciting Hands on Art projects. This year, Art Masters will present 6 lectures! They will be based on a variety of Art Master Painters from around the world and from different eras, who helped pave the way through history for other modern day emerging artists. 


The lectures integrate history and aesthetics in the students’ study of Fine Arts. An art instructor follows each lecture with an age-appropriate lesson in every classroom at Moulton based on the artist. This year the students will be studying Remington, Matisse, O’Keeffe, Cassatt, Asian Brush and Chagall. Students will create their own artwork in the style of each artist. Art Masters is an exceptional program that supports student learning and creativity at Moulton.